three women discussing Engaging Storytelling Techniques

Utilize the Words Your Clients Will Resonate With

And Your Dream Business Will Become Your Reality

There is a Storyteller inside you who is yearning to begin their passion as a business owner.

Don’t let your spark fade along with the gifts meant to make a difference. YOU deserve to be seen and heard. Let’s turn that page together.

Your Business is the vessel others need to continue their journey

Here’s what you’ll learn while working with me in the GROUP Magic Metaphors Workshop

  • How to take your audience on a journey from their current state, to their desired persona

  • Speak directly to the hearts and minds of the people you want to work with

  • The magic trick to getting your audience to complete YOUR sentences

  • A Secret Formula leading your clients to the transformation they’ve been looking for

In this intimate, highly interactive experiential workshop you will also get recordings, worksheets, scripts and more!

For my entrepreneurs who want more, I have a VIP package just for you

  • Exclusive access to hot seat coaching during workshop

  • 2 month membership to practice & improve your Magic Metaphors

  • Monthly review and feedback from your coach

  • Weekly live, interactive storytelling games and exercises

  • Pre-launch access to “Master Your Storytelling” mini course (March 2023)

The Benefits of Magic Metaphors

  • Begin your new chapter as an entrepreneur with CONFIDENCE in your words

  • Discover how you take in the world and why that’s tied into RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS

  • Build CONNECTIONS with your clients so they will become loyal fans

  • Find that STORYTELLING is a gateway to improving yourself for the values you wish to uphold

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