Cathi Tarbox shares Storytelling Strategies for Success

People Are Living Stories Who Want To Be Seen

Here is A Glimpse Into My Story

Hi, I'm Cathi!

I spent 30 years living and breathing the corporate world. My field was in learning and development, supporting sales operations. In 2018 I was laid off, and soon after I decided it was time to begin a new chapter in the entrepreneurial world.

While growing my business in the digital marketing services, I discovered something life changing.

I had accumulated enough knowledge to serve a bigger purpose. With my love for storytelling, NLP and helping entrepreneurs realize there is power in their words, I switched my direction to interactive workshops. This was a calling I had felt drawn to for many years, because I had always seen myself as a teacher of words.

You’re likely the kind of entrepreneur who knows there is a profound connection to how you communicate with your clients, and how you grow your business. I understand you want to captivate your clients. The problem you’re facing is finding confidence in your words, storytelling, and connecting with your audience.

Three women learning Effective Storytelling Tactics

Magic Metaphors is designed to give you the building blocks to master the stories your clients resonate with, and how that can expand your entrepreneurial journey. In my workshops you’ll find there’s a connection to how you take in the world, and how that can influence your communication. My goal for you is to help you see the power in your words, the ability you have to build a community, and how your story will make an impact.

All you have to do is schedule a call with me by clicking here. We’ll discuss what stage you’re at in your journey, ambitions, and more than anything I want to hear your story! I know your next phase in life is going to be remembered by many, let’s make sure you reach the audience you want to connect with.

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